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Mar 31

Morning Sequence

It seems everyone is on the move this week!  I have heard from so many of my regular students that I will not see them in class due to travel to places such as Turkey, Columbia, Trans-Atlantic Cruise, Costa Rica, California and Mexico (my peeps really do get around!)  Travel is wonderful.  It provides a …

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Nov 04

Uncoloring Not-Useful Thoughts

(A response to “Women’s Flexibility Is a Liability in Yoga”) William Broad and the NY Times are at it again —providing a few wise words about practicing restraint in Yoga, but hiding them amid scary headlines and sensational accounts of “unbearable pain” and “costly operations”. Here are the salient points I pull from this …

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Sep 25

What is Vata Season?

About mid-September, you may have heard your Yoga teacher mention “Vata Season” but what does it mean? Is it good or bad, and what should you being doing during this funny sounding time of year? The fact is it is the normal progression of the calendar as we move away from summer’s heat and the …

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